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NCCR North-South - Research Partnerships for Sustainable Development

Thank you for visiting the website of the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) North-South. The NCCR North-South programme formally ended in June 2014.

Please note that the content of this website will no longer be updated.



Amare Bantider, Alumnus, PhD

PhD thesis: Landscape transformation and Opportunities for Sustainable Land Management along the Eastern Escarpment of Wello (EEW), Ethiopia (completed in 2007)

Sanjay Barbora, Alumnus, PhD

PhD thesis: Land, Class, Ethnicity: Permutations of Environmental Conflicts in Two Districts of Assam (completed in 2006)

Kati Baumgart, Alumna, PhD

PhD thesis: Bewertung landschaftsrelevanter Projekte im Schweizer Alpenraum - die Methode der Discrete Choice-Experimente (completed in 2005)

Mahamat Béchir, Alumnus, PhD

PhD Thesis: Etude épidémiologique de la malnutrition en milieu nomade au Tchad: Diagnostic et Approche d’interventions

Christine Bichsel, Alumna, PhD

PhD thesis: Dangerous Divisions. Irrigation Disputes and Conflict Transformation in the Ferghana Valley (completed in 2006)

Edward Bikketi, Alumnus, PhD

PhD thesis: The Role of Social Capital in Social Learning Processes for Soil and Water Management Innovations; The Case of Eastern and Western Regions of Kenya (completed in 2013)

Viktor Bilenko

Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Dominic Blättler, Alumnus, PhD

PhD thesis: State of mind. Forest ownership, the private sphere and governance in reform-socialist transition - A case study in the Northern mountain region of Vietnam (completed in 2008)

Sebastien Boillat, PhD

Former Collaborator

Centre for Development and Environment (CDE)
University of Bern
Bern, Switzerland

Sébastien Boillat, Alumnus, PhD

PhD thesis: Traditional ecological knowledge, land use and ecosystem diversity in the Tunari National Park (Bolivia). An ethnoecological approach to dialogue between traditional and scientific ecological knowledge.
(completed in 2007)

Rita Bossart, Alumna, PhD

PhD thesis: "En ville, chacun est dans son chacun". Une étude anthropologique sur l'importance des relations sociales en cas de maladie à Abidjan (Cote d'Ivoire) (completed in 2003)

Patrick Bottazzi, Alumnus, PhD

PhD Thesis: Gouvernance, participation et prédation: La gestion des ressources naturelles en Bolivie comme enjeux de pouvoirs

Thomas Breu, Alumnus, PhD

PhD thesis: Sustainable Land Management in the Tajik Pamirs: The Role of Knowledge for Sustainable Development (completed in 2006)

Sajad Bukobero, Alumnus, PhD

PhD thesis: Politique de conservation des forêts à Madagascar: du cadre institutionnel global aux pratiques locales (completed in 2010)

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