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Thank you for visiting the website of the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) North-South. The NCCR North-South programme formally ended in June 2014.

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People, Protected Areas and Global Change

Participatory Conservation in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe

Marc Galvin, Tobias Haller, 2008

"This is an important contribution to the literature on protected areas and the political ecology of natural resource management and conservation. It provides a very timely analysis of "participatory" PA governance and management, examining "new paradigm" PA approaches which - in policy and rhetoric if not always in practice - offer alternatives to the fortress conservation approaches that have so often proved environmentally ineffective, socially disastrous and morally questionable. The editors and 31 contributors "tried to determine how the participatory approach to conservation evolved in specific settings and who profits from the new approach." Drawing on research by 13 research groups working in diverse regions of the global South (South America, sub-Saharan Africa, and South and Southeast Asia) and in Switzerland, the book offers a set of coordinated case studies that are attentive to historical, geographical, political, social, and economic contexts and dynamics." Stan Stevens, Univ. of Massachusetts

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Frontier Encounters: Indigenous communities and settlers in Asia and Latin America

Danilo Geiger, Marina T. Campos, Christian Erni, Sĝren Hvalkov, Sabino Padilla, Jr., Devasish Roy, Ranabir Samaddar, 2008

Poverty and the maldistribution of land in core areas of developing countries, together with state schemes for the colonization of unruly peripheries, have forced indigenous peoples and settlers into an uneasy co-existence. On the basis of case study material from various Asian and Latin American countries, Frontier Encounters identifies characteristic patterns of interaction between these groups, explores the dynamics of some of the open conflicts that dot the map of the two continents, and situates them in the context of the politics and economics of the “frontier”.

Daniel Geiger is a doctoral candidate in Social Anthropology at the University of Luzern, Switzerland. He has lectured on political anthropology and indigenous movements. His research experience includes fieldwork in the Philippines and Indonesia. Under the auspices of the NCCR North-South, he has coordinated a comparative research project on conflicts between indigenous communities and settlers in South and Southeast Asia.

Available for purchase from: IWGIA

Livelihood strategies of internally displaced people in Western Nepal: Some observations

Anita Ghimire Bhattarai, S Pokharel, Bishnu Raj Upreti, 2010

The livelihood strategies of internally displaced people are affected by the various factors and the new contexts that they encounter in the host communities. This topic has also been of great interest in the broader framework of migration studies. Taking the case of the Rajhena Camp in the Western Terai, Nepal, this Chapter examines
the livelihood strategies of conflict-induced internally displaced persons using the Sustainable Livelihoods Framework (DFID 2002) and the Rural Livelihood System (Baumgartner 2006) as analytical tools. This Chapter attempts to understand how the circumstances endured by internally displaced persons affect their capacity
to build assets or capitalise on available assets and, thus, shape their livelihood strategies. This chapter also discusses the relevance of livelihoods frameworks in studying the livelihood strategies of special categories of people.

In: Upreti BR, Müller-Böker U, editors. Livelihood Insecurity and Social Conflict in Nepal. Kathmandu: South Asia Coordination Office, pp 217-256.


Nepal Migration Year Book 2010

Anita Ghimire Bhattarai, Jaganath Adhikari , Gurung, Ganesh Gurung, Ganesh, Rajbanshi, Ashok Rajbanshi, Ashok, Susan Thieme, Bishnu Raj Upreti, 2011

The South Asia office of the NCCR North-South and the Nepal Institute of Development Studies have published The Nepal Migration Year Book 2010. The book provides data on various aspects of migration such as the different forms of migration, the number of migrants, and their remittances.

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Nepal Migration Year Book 2011

Anita Ghimire Bhattarai, Jaganath Adhikari , Ghana Gurung, Susan Thieme, Bishnu Raj Upreti, 2012

The general objective of Nepal Migration Year Book 2011 is to provide factual, comprehensive and non-partisan data and analysis of the developments and trends of migration to, within, and from Nepal, and to put this into context. This volume covers the period of January-December 2011.
More specific objectives are:
- To review the general status and trends of migration for the stated period;
- To account for national laws, regulations, plans and programs on migration;
- To review efforts by both public and private sector to protect the migrants.

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Reconciling biodiversity conservation priorities with livelihood needs in Kangchenjunga Conservation Area, Nepal

Ghana Gurung, 2006

Human Geography Series 2006, Vol. 23. Department of Human Geography, Institute of Geography, University of Zurich, Zurich. 192 pp. ISBN 3-906302-06-7

Order from: Department of Geography, University of Zurich

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