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Nepal Migration Year Book 2009

North-South NCCR, NIDS, 2011

Information on migration is very rare at present. People involved in research, planning as well as policy and advocacy demand it much. In view of consolidating information on migration, we first published Migration Year Book in 2006. It received very positive response. That encouraged us to publish similar Year Books in the following years continuously including additional information on students’ migration and other pertinent issues. This Migration Year Book 2009 is an outcome of it. This issue tries to include information on the undocumented labour migration leading to casualties and fraudulent cases. It also highlights the internal migration, migration between India and Nepal, and the Internally Displaced People within the country. We hope that this issue helps researchers, policy-makers, members of different political parties, students and general public.

Access to Land Resource: Dalits and their Livelihood Insecurity.

Purna Bahadur Nepali, 2008

Historical distribution of land in Nepal does not reflect a spirit of social justice. Only a few people owned or had control over land in the name of Birta, Jagir and other land entitlements.
In an agrarian society like Nepal, there is no off-farm opportunity to make better income. Also, there is no social security policy for the Dalits so that they constantly face hunger and food insecurity. Dalits' livelihood is miserable and vulnerable. Various kinds of informal institutions such as the Balighare, Khalo and Khan Pratha existed in the traditional agrarian system of Nepal. These were discriminatory and exploitive in form. This unjust situation is further compounded by the Hindu caste system of untouchability. Hence, Dalits today are marginalized people on each sphere of life, and their human rights are being continuously violated.
Therefore, the state has to take some bold steps in enunciating a future scientific land reform program in order to bring about equitable changes.

In: Pyakuryal KN, Upreti BR, Sharma SR, editors. Nepal: Transition to Transformation. Kathmandu: HNRSC, NCCR North-South, pp. 163-184.


Migration Year Book 2007

NCCR North-South, 2008

Although migration has played an important role in keeping the Nepalese economy from falling due to conflict, there is very little information about migration and its status, problems and challenges.
NIDS has been trying to update those concerened about migration with this Migration Year Book 2007. This present volume aims to provide information on migration and related information including data analysis, current trends and issues relating to migrant workers. It reviews existing policy, regulations, plans and programmes which affect the migrant workers and the effort of government and private sector agencies to promote the prospects of overseas employment.

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