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Thank you for visiting the website of the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) North-South. The NCCR North-South programme formally ended in June 2014.

Please note that the content of this website will no longer be updated.

Alumni by regional focus: Horn of Africa


Mey Eltayeb Ahmed, Alumna, PhD

PhD thesis: The national and indigenous management of environmental conflicts, Savannah Belt, Sudan (completed in 2008)

Yacob Arsano, Alumnus, PhD

PhD thesis: Ethiopia and the Nile: The Dilemma of National and Regional Hydro-Politics (completed in 2004)

Amare Bantider, Alumnus, PhD

PhD thesis: Landscape transformation and Opportunities for Sustainable Land Management along the Eastern Escarpment of Wello (EEW), Ethiopia (completed in 2007)

Tesema Ephrem, Alumnus, PhD

PhD thesis: The political economy of Khat in Ethiopia (completed in 2011)

Balako Gumi Donde, Alumnus, PhD

PhD thesis: Epidemiology of mycobacterial infection in animals and humans in pastoral areas of southern Ethiopia (completed in 2011)

Tobias Hagmann, Alumnus, PhD

PhD thesis: Pastoral Conflict and Resource management in Ethiopia's Somali Region (completed in 2007)

Mirgissa Kaba, Alumnus, PhD

PhD thesis: Sexuality, Gender and Culture in the context of HIV/AIDS with special emphasis to the Borena Pastoral Community, Southern Ethiopia (completed in 2011)

Samuel Luzi, Alumnus, PhD

PhD thesis: Double-edged hydropolitics on the Nile - Linkages between domestic water policy making and transboundary conflict and cooperation (completed in 2008)

Allemmaya Mulugeta, Alumna, PhD

PhD thesis: The transformation of violent conflicts in pastoral areas of Ethiopia: an ethnography on the notion of conflict among the Karrayu of the Middle and Awash Valley (completed in 2008)

Moges Shiferaw, Alumnus, PhD

PhD thesis: The economics of shared irrigation water rights: alternative analytical framework and application to Ethiopia (completed in 2007)

Rea Tschopp, Alumna, PhD

PhD thesis: Epidemiology and economics of Bovine tuberculosis in Ethiopia (completed in 2008)

Birru Yitaferu, Alumnus, PhD

PhD thesis: Land Degradation and Options for Sustainable Land Management in the Lake Tana Basin (LTB), Amhara Region, Ethiopia (completed in 2007)

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