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Thank you for visiting the website of the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) North-South. The NCCR North-South programme formally ended in June 2014.

Please note that the content of this website will no longer be updated.


The Other Silk Road
An NCCR North-South and PANOS South Asia production, 2008

Republics of the former Soviet Union in Central Asia are now developing countries. Kyrgyzstan is one of them.
While people here struggle to get acquainted to a new world order created by an era of economic liberalisation, the gap between the rich and the poor is on the increase.
Consequently, people from former farming collectives and former employees of the state, specially from the south of the country, are migrating to Bishkek, Almaty and Moscow to work as traders, waitresses, construction workers and any work that is created by the new economy. Some are successful, some not.
Nevertheless, many families and sometimes whole villages in Southern Kyrgyzstan are now supported by remittances.

Tracing migrants from Ylaitalaa in Southern Kyrgyzstan to markets of Bishkek and Almaty, this film is a tale of this movement of people and of lives affected by it.

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The Suppressed Pains
A production of the Community Self Reliance Centre Nepal, in collaboration with the NCCR North-South, 2008

Despite the caste and culture-based discprepancies, Nepal can be seen as an example of communal harmony. Nevertheless, numerous cases of social oppression and discrimination occur due to structural inequalities, social practices and the state governing system. Still today, one can encounter landless people like the Haruwas, Charuwas and Haliyas that have served the landlords for many generations.
Documenting these deprived people’s livelihoods, this film reveals both the contemporary forms of slavery and the ongoing liberation movement in Nepal.
Additionally, it points out the significance of the collaboration between the NCCR North-South, the University of Kathmandu and the Community Self Reliance Centre Nepal in supporting policies and practices related to issues of land reform and management.

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Las Aguas Grises. Un recurso valioso
A NCCR North-South and SARAR production, 2008

This PAMS documentary focuses on household wastewater and its importance for irrigation.

Greywater is non-industrial wastewater that comes from domestic uses such as dish washing, showering and doing the laundry. Left untreated, the water contaminates the environment.
By means of a simple process, greywater could be recycled and reused for irrigation.

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Le lait local pour une sécurité alimentaire
A realisation of N’Golo Diarra within the framework of TPP "Pastoral Production Systems", 2007

Despite the large amount of livestock held by Malian pastoralists, the country's milk production does not cover the demand for milk and milk products.
In order to improve the offer and the quality of locally produced milk, the project PAFLAPUM ("Project d’appli à la filière laitière péri-urbaine au Mali") was established jointly by “Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Suisse” and the NGO “CAB Démé so”.
In interviews with local stakeholders, this film documents the implementation, the progress and the impact of this project.

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The Tajik Pamirs. Research for sustainable mountain development
A film by Roman Droux with the support of the NCCR North-South, 2006

The Pamirs are an immense mountain range still relatively unknown to the outside world. They are located in the eastern part of Tajikistan, conterminous with Kyrgyzstan, China and Afganistan. The Pamir region is the focus of a Swiss-Tajik project team that is elaborating a strategy for sustainable development. This film shows the beauty of this mountainous area, but also the difficulties that the local inhabitants have comping with their environment. It illustrates how researchers apply innovative methods and approaches in the field, gathering crucial information in order to devise a broad-based development strategy. This Pamir Strategy Project, with its trans-disciplinary methodology, could serve as a model of how research can support concrete sustainable development in less developed regions. Adapted to different contexts, this methodology could be applied to other parts of the world as well.

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Mount Kenya. Solving Water Conflicts
A production of the Centre for Development and Environment, leading house of the NCCR North-South, 2006

Mount Kenya captures rainfall and brings water, life and income to the otherwise dry lowlands. Pressure on land and water ressources increases rapidy, generating conflicts between water users along the rivers.
The video shows causes of these conflicts, as well as solutions developed in research projects in the Mount Kenya.

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From farmers to farmers. Success stories for an non-exploitative land use (in Swiss-German)
A project carried out by the consultancy “Wissensmanagement Umwelt” (“Knowledge Management Environment”) with the contribution of Stephan Rist, NCCR North-South Research Coordinator, 2006

In five short films, innovative farmers themselves transmit their knowledge directly and in their own language: “from farmers to farmers”. In the films, the farmers describe their experiences with new methods of soil conservation. The source of their knowledge is many years of practice coupled with a close collaboration with soil experts.

The target group of this film is farmers in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, which is why it is available in Swiss-German only.

Available for download here is the short film done in collaboration with Stephan Rist. In it, farmer Stefan Minder talks about his positive experiences of the “no-till method”.

Download "No-till" Chapter, Part 1 (0.69 GB)
Download "No-till" Chapter, Part 2 (0.39 GB)

Voices from the Hills and Valleys
An Insight Participatory Video Project, carried out with the NCCR North-South, 2006

The film was planned, filmed and directed by the shepherds in Susamyr's high summer pastures and residents of Tosh Bulak in the foothills of Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia. In short interviews, they talk about the challenges and opportunities they face by managing different livelihoods in Kyrgyzstan's rural areas.

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