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The Tajik Pamirs

The Tajik Pamirs
Challenges of Sustainable Development in an Isolated Mountain Region

Edited by Thomas Breu and Hans Hurni

Publisher: Bern, Centre for Development and Environment, 2003

Promoting sustainable development in the high mountain region of the Tajik Pamirs is a great challenge in political, economic, social, and ecological terms. The Pamirs, along with other mountain regions in the former Soviet Union, have been particularly affected by economic and political transition after 1991. Using an innovative apporach, the Pamir Strategy Project (PSP) supported stakeholders in their search of solutions an in developing strategies to address the manifold problems they face in their mountain region. The project also contributed to the development of methodological approaches for other mountain regions. The present publication provides a summary of the outcomes of the PSP. It portrays life in the Pamirs, along with development challenges and options, and presents practical an participatory approaches that can lead to sustainable mountain development. In addition, this publication outlines the lessons learnt within the PSP by presenting and evaluationg methods and apporaches such as participatory villages studies, multi-level stakeholder workshops for strategy development, knowledge generation processes, and Geographic Information Systems as decision support tools for sustainable mountain development.

Breu, T. and Hurni, H., 2003: The Tajik Pamirs. Challenges of Sustainable Development in an Isolated Mountain Region. Centre for Development and Environment (CDE), University of Berne. Berne. 80 pp. ISBN: 3-906151-74-3

English, Russian

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