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A World Soils Agenda

A World Soils Agenda
Discussing International Actions for the Sustainable Use of Soils

Edited by Hans Hurni and Konrad Meyer

Publisher: Bern, Geographica Bernensia, 2002

Promoting sustainable forms of natural resource management is a challenge land users are unable to tackle solely on their own initiative. Soil and land degradation remains an unresolved problem of global environmental change. There is a need for concerted international action that directly addresses this issue at the global level. A discussion of action to promote the sustainable use of soils and land took place in a working group established by the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) in 1998. The present publication reports on the results of this discussion and proposes that the international community establish a ‘world soils agenda’ that will enable the scientific community, international institutions and their national partners to work together towards the common goal of safeguarding soils and land as resources central to our own survival as well as the Earth’s biological wealth.

Hurni, H. and Meyer, K. (eds), 2002. A World Soils Agenda. Discussing International Actions for the Sustainable Use of Soils. Prepared with the support of an international group of specialists of the IASUS Working Group of the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS). Centre for Development and Environment, Berne, 63 pp. ISBN: 3-906151-59-X


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