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El Desarrollo Endógeno Sustentable como interfaz para implementar el Vivir Bien en la gestión publica boliviana

El Desarrollo Endógeno Sustentable como interfaz para implementar el Vivir Bien en la gestión publica boliviana

Freddy Delgado, Cesar Escobar, Stephan Rist, 2011

David Choquehuanca, foreign minister of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, said the following of this volume: "Reflecting on this book I perceive a search for complementarity among our academic brothers, who believe in the process of change and contribute to it with their own experience; they are demonstrating how our idea of "vivir bien" can be operationalised in order to reconstruct our history, our music, our fashions, our culture, our languages, our natural resources...This implies exploring and experimenting with new projects that draw on our ancestral ‘cosmobio’-vision and the knowledge contributed by ‘modernity’, seen from the perspective of a profound respect for the life and the rights of the ‘Pachamama’-Mother Earth.’”
A pilot project carried out in the valley of Cochabamba in Bolivia illustrates how such principles might be translated into concrete, operational public administration. The authors describe how principles of endogenous development enhance social learning processes among communitarian, public, and private actors. This can lead to creation of social interfaces through which regional, local, and context-specific principles of "vivir bien" may be systematised and harmonised with the general principles of "vivir bien" articulated in Bolivia’s new constitution and corresponding national policies.

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